NuCast Commercial Flight Aluminum Casting

Manufacturing Design and Engineering Services at Nu-Cast

CAD services for every industry

Combine modern CAD applications with comprehensive quality control equipment for structural and thermal analysis of castings, and you can be sure that the casting you receive is underscored by quality – inside and out.

Nu-Cast provides CAD services to assist clients from every industry with the manufacturing process, resulting in more effective parts and components in terms of both cost and performance. The best aluminum casting solution is the one that offers you the most. Speed, efficiency, and quality are where we start at Nu-Cast. Through engineering services we go the extra mile to offer the support that matters for your engineering team.

The Ultra-Light 3D Cast Truss Beam Structure

  • Maximum Weight Efficiency
  • Replaces Costly Honeycomb / Composites
  • Monolithic Structures from Small to 50" and larger
  • High Strength / Stiffness to Weight Ratio
  • Now Available in Most Cast Aluminum Alloys
  • 125 RMS Finish or Better
  • Cast in Any Shape, Square, Hexagonal, Contoured
  • .080 - 2.50 Rod Diameters
  • Custom Design for Each Application
  • Structural Analysys / Math Model (Algor / Nastran)
  • STL CAD File Development
  • Pro E, CAD-Key, Autocad, Others

Concurrent Engineering

The goal of concurrent engineering is relatively straightforward: decrease product development time with smart, simultaneous engineering. In fact, concurrent engineering is often referred to as “simultaneous engineering” or “Integrated Product Development” (IDP). At Nu-Cast, we’ve implemented measures to allow our entire operation to benefit from the impact of concurrent engineering. This gives our customers a faster, more effective apparatus to get the aluminum castings they need. At Nu-Cast, our concurrent engineering practices dictate the process we use for every project.

Review Design

Review systems and components on the basis of function, design, product ability and cost. Provide specific recommendations, alternate design approaches, and supporting rationale.

Systems and Component Design

Including optical systems, components, enclosures, structural and mounting systems, etc.

Investment Casting Design

Nu-Cast educates your team on the basic principles of investment casting, including how to maximize the benefits of the process.

Tolerances, Dimensions, and More

Our engineers provide for realistic tolerance, dimensional set up (datums / tooling pt's) and proper transitioning to machining (tooling lugs, etc.)

Casting and Machining

Determine those areas / features that should be cast and those that should be machined

Design Recommendations

Recommend design techniques that minimize distortion due to machining

Production Drawings

Our engineers will provide design / detail drawing conversions for castings, weldments, machined parts, and multi-piece assemblies.

Material selection

Our engineering team will define the advantages and disadvantages of a given material, while recommending the materials that will meet your the mechanical and budgetary requirements

Concurrent Manufacturing

Nu-Cast, Inc. now offers Concurrent Manufacturing, which is much more than concurrent engineering. While virtually any aluminum casting foundry can make castings from drawings, it takes a specific set of capabilities and expertise to manufacture castings without a complete set of drawings or a cad file.

While this is never ideal, many times it is the only way to help our customers achieve their goals.

Quality Assurance

NCI is an ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100:D registered international aluminum investment casting company.

Nu-Cast is a privately-held company and has been providing aluminum investment castings for commercial / industrial, aerospace and government use since 1986. Our 40,000 sq. ft. building, located at 29 Grenier Field Road, Londonderry, NH, contains offices and manufacturing facilities and equipment to produce a wide range of aluminum-based investment castings. In this facility we also have the ability to work with newer, developmental materials, for both the cast products themselves and the mold and process technologies. Our employees provide engineering, management and production skills, which are supplemented by outside mechanical and structural engineering consultants as dictated by individual project requirements.