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By combining industry leading experience with state of the art casting equipment, Nu-Cast has become a globally recognized leader when it comes to manufacturing aerospace components with our proprietary lost-wax investment casting process.

With the ability to produce aerospace castings of drastically varying sizes, shapes, and tolerances, and with more quality certifications [link] than any other casting provider, Nu-Cast has become an aerospace manufacturer for customers including Gulfstream, Lockheed Martin, NASA, and the International Space Station.


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Applications for Aerospace Castings

Nu-Cast aerospace components can be found in virtually any application, ranging from general aviation and commercial aircraft to NASA and Military/Defense components. At Nu-Cast, our entire team is proud of our reputation for consistent high-quality and service that enables us to work with applications where ingenuity, skill, and attention to detail make a real difference.

Achievements in Aerospace Castings

Learn more about some of the projects we’ve completed for customers in the aerospace industry.

The SHELS monolithic aluminum investment casting measures approximately 36" x 33" x 20" and weighs 110 lb. This structure was designed for minimum weight and maximum structural efficiency, and is considered a state of the art development item. Its size, configuration, complexity and stringent metallurgical and quality requirements combine to make this unit exceed conventional production investment casting capabilities.

NCI's proprietary processes enable the SHELS structure to become reality. The launcher is a "J"-shaped box beam monolithic structure, cantilevered from the orbiter's side-wall adapter beam. The launcher requires a very weight efficient structure with a compact profile. Standard aerospace fabrication processes, such as riveting and welding are impractical due to limited access of rivet tooling, assembly fixtures and TIG welding torches within the box structure. The aerospace casting provides essentially 100% structural joint efficiency and maximizes available payload space.

Alternate designs and aerospace fabrication and aerospace casting technologies were considered and eliminated as viable manufacturing processes. NCI's technologies and rapid pattern production have proven to be the most viable approach to producing the Launch / Structure aerospace casting for carrying and ejecting the 600 lb. spacecraft payload from the Orbiter's adapter beam.

  • Developed a prototype using the NU-CAST production process, providing up to 140 X improvement in stiffness-to-weight ratio over a same-size plate of equal mass, such as instrument mounting platforms and optical benches.
  • The performance and cost improvement of this process over conventional manufacturing is expected to result in rapid acceptance in the Government-based aerospace markets.
  • 3D – Truss Structure proposed for use on James Webb Space Telescope Optical Bench.
  • Prototype's structural performance validated the capability of the process and confirmed performance predictions.
  • Patented process that uses rapid prototyping methodology based on stereolithography (SLA)  process, together with in-house variants of modern ceramic investment casting techniques, to  produce small, high-efficiency 3-D truss-like structures.
  • The performance and cost improvement of this process over conventional manufacture is expected  to result in rapid acceptance in commercial aerospace markets.
  • Aggregate value for structures of this type is measured in millions of dollars.

Design and manufacture of extremely high stiffness to weight precision structures for aerospace applications. These structures provide greater flexibility in component attachment. The exceptional stiffness and monolithic approach of Nu-Truss minimizes signal - to - noise ratio issues.