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Aluminum castings for the commercial aerospace industry

Nu-Cast enjoys a well-earned reputation as a high quality manufacturer of aluminum investment castings for the aerospace industry. Reaching and maintaining such a position, over so many years, working with organizations such as NASA and Gulfstream, means that we must be highly exacting in our approach to manufacturing, not only for our aerospace clients, but for every customer we are privileged to serve.

Everyone at Nu-Cast is entirely committed to meeting and exceeding the stringent specifications that are so crucial to the success of the components we make for the NASA Space Shuttle because human lives depend on Nu-Cast precision.

Beginning with a prototype, Nu-Cast created the J structure that slides down inside the cargo bay of the Space Shuttle and launches various satellites into orbit around the earth. These satellites could be designed for tracking and predicting weather or to gather information and data about our own galaxy, as well as those that lie beyond. The information gathered by the satellites that Nu-Cast helps to launch can be used to enhance the quality of life for the all of the people living here on earth. The Space Shuttle also docks with the International Space Station and the housings that hold the navigation system and help deliver accurate information to the mission’s crew are also made by Nu-Cast.

Culturally embedded dedication to quality assurance and quality control in manufacturing aluminum investment castings is not something that can be turned on and off like a light switch. You cannot be consciously committed to perfection in only a portion of your working life. When someone joins the Nu-Cast staff in any position, they are totally immersed into our culture of perfection in every aspect of the work they produce, not just that which happens to do with the aerospace industry. The attention to detail required by our NASA projects is status quo for every casting we produce.

Our lead technicians and engineers have learned from, and taught, many of the best and brightest through our concurrent engineering activities.

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