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Having worked with organizations like NASA, the Defense Prime Contractors, Gulfstream, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, it’s almost needless to say that we serve a wide (and growing) list of industries and businesses around the world.

Whether you need dependable aluminum investment castings for space exploration or to simply help you bring a better product to market, Nu-Cast can help. To gain a better understanding of who we are and what we’re capable of accomplishing, read more about the industries and applications we work with.


With castings by Nu-Cast in the international space station and awards from both NASA and Lockheed Martin, Nu-Cast is more than accustomed to handling the rigorous demands for quality required by the aerospace industry.

More about aerospace casting by Nu-Cast

Deep Sea Exploration

While space exploration is very much a centerpiece in the news, did you know the world’s oceans post just as many questions? Nu-Cast makes a number of housings and enclosures used to help divers and sensitive research equipment endure the stress and pressure of extreme depths. From the high-tech diving suits (which earned us our Lloyd’s of London approval) to unmanned underwater vehicles (UUAV), the expertise at Nu-Cast has helped our customers reach new depths in their field.

More about applications in deep sea exploration


Businesses around the world live or die by their ability to manufacture a product that withstands applications both normal and extreme. At Nu-Cast, our ability to be the casting foundry that helps our customers meet their goals is second to none. With extensive quality control certifications and experience designing and manufacturing castings for land, air, space, and the bottom of the ocean – Nu-Cast is the best equipped investment casting company available.

Commercial Medical

When manufacturers rely on a higher level of quality and communication, they choose Nu-Cast to deliver it. Nu-Cast continues to work with medical equipment manufacturers to provide enclosures, optical housings, and other components. Our team has worked closely with major medical machine manufacturers to create solutions for machinery ranging from CAT scan and MRI Machines to Mammography machines, Lasik equipment, and PET scan machinery.

Commercial Medical - PET Scan Components


Robotics enable us to accomplish what we never thought possible. Fortunately, quality castings can help them do it. When organizations like NASA, the military, research institutions, or law enforcement agencies rely on robotics to accomplish a given task or go where humans can’t – they turn to Nu-Cast for the knowledge, capabilities, and expertise to help “make it happen”.

Military Equipment

The military regularly relies on advanced equipment to get the job done around the world. That means aluminum casting foundries must meet the challenge of manufacturing the high-quality parts and components they require. A large amount of prototyping that takes place at Nu-Cast is for military applications that rely on absolute precision and quality. With our experience producing castings for the military, the engineers at Nu-Cast are no-strangers to mission-critical quality.

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