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Law Enforcement

Investment castings for law enforcement robotics

We would all be surprised as to the extent that robotics is deployed in the field of law Enforcement. Nu-Cast has been working with State and Local Police Departments across the country in a spirit of concurrent engineering that is directed toward saving lives (police officers, bad guys and innocent bystanders), as well as reducing the damage that can be wreaked on properties.

Together, we are developing chassis and housings to secure highly sensitive electronic devices to mobile robots that can enter buildings, look around, relay the information (sometimes infrared) back to the unit’s handler, and provide real time information that can help save lives.

Police departments are becoming more and more technologically savvy because it is in their primary interests of “Serving and Protecting.” Every police car carries a high powered computer that can quickly determine the propensity for violence of the person they just stopped for a routine traffic violation, simply by running the license plate number through a rather robust centralized data base. Why would it be any different when it comes to the detection, and subsequent disarming, of bombs that have been left to take the lives of police officers and innocent people?

The bomb squad certainly is not what it used to be. Gone are the days that men and women automatically need to put their lives at risk to determine if there is a bomb nearby that poses an imminent threat. Sometimes, specially trained dogs are utilized to sniff out the presence of explosive devices, and in more dangerous situations, a robot can be sent into a building, instead of a police officer, to determine the location and type of the explosive device. This gives the police officers enough information to plan an effective and safer strategy than would otherwise have been possible.

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