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Aluminum Investment Castings

From an Industry Leading Investment Casting Company

As a recognized world leader when it comes to producing reliable and innovative aluminum investment castings, Nu-Cast has the outstanding opportunity to provide a wide variety of customers with the investment castings their products and applications count on.

We have designed and manufactured investment castings for components in the International Space Station, satellites, diving suits, helicopters, motorcycle components, and both military and commercial electronics. With this in mind, customers in virtually any industry can be confident that Nu-Cast will deliver the investment casting solutions that make a difference for your product or application.

The Investment Casting Company of Choice for Precision & Service

Customers around the world have learned to turn to Nu-Cast for the knowledge and expertise that leads to a better end-product. From our dedication to concurrent engineering to our advanced equipment and expertise – we endeavor to take every step that makes us the best possible source for your investment casting services.

In order to provide our customers with the most effective and efficient investment casting service, Nu-Cast employs a concurrent engineering program dedicated to reducing production-time and designed-in costs that can be avoided. This enables us to eliminate bottlenecks and help our customers develop better solutions faster, making Nu-Cast an ideal partner for better PLM.

After many years providing customers in a range of industries with precision aluminum castings, our engineers have become adept at offering the design and engineering assistance that translates into a better end-product. From expert advice on design tweaks to determining how appropriate a specific material is for your product – our specialists have both the answers and the know-how.

Here at Nu-Cast, we have a reputation for bringing successful projects from prototype all the way to full production. Starting with design assistance and early prototypes, our casting experts provide the comprehensive services needed to get every project started with the right foundation.

Third-party certifications including AS9100 and Nadcap certifications allows Nu-Cast to offer every customer the confidence that quality is paramount for every project.

Our Approach to Investment Casting

At Nu-Cast, we utilize a proprietary shell system to provide a near net shape component with the lost-wax investment casting process.

Each casting is manufactured using wax patterns made from hard tooling for production requirements or by Quick Cast SLA patterns for R & D prototypes and short run projects. The tooling and SLA patterns to produce these castings are generated directly from your electronic CAD data and blueprints. The end result is a near net shape part that will minimize the secondary operations necessary to complete your project.

Why Investment Casting Might be Ideal for Your Product

Investment casting can produce intricate shapes with virtually any alloy. When compared to other casting processes, lost wax casting provides a superior surface finish and a reduced reliance on secondary finishing when compared to sand castings, forgings, or welded fabrications.

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