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Satellite Communications

Aluminum castings for satellite communications

Satellite Communications vehicles and devices that orbit the earth remain in their geosynchronous orbiting position by using sophisticated navigation systems. These navigation systems need to receive and report correct and non-distorted data and imagery.

Nu-Cast manufactures monolithic (one single piece) aluminum investment castings for satellite communications components that are housings into which the electronic navigation and satellite communications devices are mounted. Single piece housings provide the rigidity necessary to reduce or eliminate distortion that would be caused by multi-piece housings, which are only as rigid as the strength of the seams that connect the pieces.

The Orbiting Carbon Observatory is one of the Satellites that carries Nu-Cast housings. It is used to measure holes in our ozone layer that are caused by the carbon emissions of internal combustion engines and manufacturing facilities around the world. The information gathered by this satellite is bound to have a tremendous impact on the worldwide automobile industry and the establishment of tougher carbon emission standards. It may also help to settle questions around the controversial global warming issue. 

One of Nu-Cast’s most ambitious projects has to be the castings we made to hold one of the world’s largest telescope mirrors located on a remote mountaintop in Chile. This project is a great example of an open dialog between our customer’s engineering team and the senior technicians at Nu-Cast. Together, we were able to develop the specifications for what turned out to be an unusually large sized chassis that we created to hold the telescopic mirror. Given the importance of the final product to our company and the Canadian Government, the senior manufacturing manager at Nu-Cast took it upon himself to personally weld this unique application of our technology.

Satellite exploration is not limited to outer space anymore. Nu-Cast is proud to work with organizations like the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. They are using robots to help map the ocean floor, seeking new energy sources, as well as elements and minerals that have been mined out and used up on the earth’s surface. Nu-Cast makes component parts for the robots that are used for these purposes.

From Satellites that orbit the planet, to robots that explore the deepest reaches of our oceans, Nu-Cast has been able to work with engineers from a variety of industries to create unique applications. We call this process Concurrent Engineering. It usually begins with an idea and a phone call. Before you know it, we are working together to create that which never existed.

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