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Night Vision

Castings for night vision systems

Nu-Cast manufactures specialized aluminum investment castings that are monolithic (one solid piece) in structure, designed to secure the night vision camera bodies on a variety of weapons. From small hand-helds to rifle mounts, all the way up to vehicle mounts for Abrams tanks and Humvees, our chassis ensure that the night vision and infrared laser range finders are entirely secure and allow minimal bounce or vibration that would give wrong information.

In larger vehicles such as the Abrams tank and Humvees, our units are mounted on a rotating turret that is controlled by a joy stick from inside the vehicle, which means that a person does not need to look out the hatch and, therefore, become exposed to enemy fire.

Everyone at Nu-Cast is proud of the fact that we help save the lives of the men and women in combat situations. Imagine the advantage having the ability to see at night gives our troops when engaged in urban warfare, battles in forested areas, or in the massive sand dunes of an oppressive dessert. The ability for the individual rifleman, machine gunner or reconnaissance specialist to see at night is priceless. Night vision equipment mounted on an Abrams tank or a Humvee allows the occupants to see miles away, and when used in conjunction with infrared laser range finders, makes the combination particularly lethal.

It is important to point out however, that monolithic aluminum investment castings have many applications to the civilian world as well. Our local and state police as well as Homeland Security also benefit from our expertise and experience in the manufacture of these components.

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