NuCast Commercial Flight Aluminum Casting

Missile Components

Investment castings for missile components, aircraft electronics, navigation systems

The number of different aluminum investment castings that Nu-Cast makes for the military is significant. Breaking all of these categories down so that we can tell you about individual parts and their functionality would be quite boring.

However it is important to point out some very important facts: Almost every one of the military applications that have been deployed have been the result of a vigorous concurrent engineering process. The military engineers came to Nu-Cast with an idea, a possibility, and a dream. The expert technicians at Nu-Cast worked together with these people, creating rapid prototypes, meeting specifications, tolerances, and testing the application until it satisfies the exacting demands of the military.

If Nu-Cast can do this for the military, imagine the solutions we can create by working together with you and your team of engineers. Civilians always find that working with a foundry like Nu-Cast, the process is remarkable easy because all of the systems to get you what you need have already been well-developed and are ready to be used for you.

No two applications are exactly alike. And while we may borrow a technique we have used on another product, every piece of aluminum investment casting that we make undergoes the most rigorous quality assurance testing imaginable.

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