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Aluminum parts for NASA robots

Ever since the beginning of the space program, NASA has been intimately involved in the design, development, utilization and enhancement of robotic technology.

The most popular picture that comes to mind when one thinks of NASA and robotics is that of the un-manned Mars Rover, patiently roaming the surface of the red planet, gathering rock and mineral samples for testing and analysis, gathering data on atmospheric conditions, and supplying a continuous stream of useful information to eager scientists here on earth.

Nu-Cast is fortunate to have been working with NASA for many years. The precision with which we make aluminum chassis and housings that hold software and various instruments for robotic arms has proven invaluable to the scientists at NASA. It doesn’t take a large stretch of the imagination to think that if one of our aluminum investment castings failed, came apart, or separated itself from the robotics, NASA would be missing out on receiving very important information. Therefore, every effort is made to hold suppliers like Nu-Cast to extraordinarily high standards. Of course, it helps that the management and employees of Nu-Cast hold ourselves to even higher standards.

Nu-Cast also makes component parts that are used on the International Space Station as well as the Space Shuttle. Many of these components are used in helping to facilitate repairs or for construction purposes. The Space Station has been under construction for many years and it wasn't unusual for the Space Shuttle to deliver materials to aid in this process. Robotics have proven very effective in helping astronauts in implementing repairs and construction by carrying tools and the like so that the astronauts’ hands are free to perform the necessary work.

The good news for anybody who is wondering whether or not they can depend on the quality of castings made for them by Nu-Cast, is that; if we can continuously perform fat the high level of perfection that is demanded by NASA, it is very likely that you will find us to be one of the highest quality casting companies that you could ever possibly hope to work with. At Nu-Cast, precision is customer blind.

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