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Military Robotics

Investment castings for military robotics

The most prevalent example of a robot going into harm’s way to take photos for gathering intelligence, attacking the enemy in remote locations that would be dangerous for foot soldiers to attack, and providing real-time information for troops on the ground, is the Drone Aircraft. This is a remotely controlled electronic wonder and it contains parts that are very similar to that which Nu-Cast, in conjunction with the appropriate military personnel, helps to co-engineer for use on the ground.

Nu-Cast creates aluminum investment castings that can be used as housings and chassis on remote controlled ground robots hold in place the infrared viewing devices and other electronic surveillance equipment in place so that they can accurately relay the proper information.

For the applications that Nu-Cast creates for use on robots for law Enforcement, precision and accuracy are vital. This is why we manufacture these particular housings as monolithic devices, they are only one solid part, which significantly reduces the amount of vibration and increases the accuracy of the information relayed to the handler. So, instead of sending one of our soldiers into a strange building to conduct a reconnaissance, robots can do the job instead!

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